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GO AWAY Part Two - Haunted Minute

What should happen next? VOTE IN THE COMMENTS on the next minute of the story:

A) Mary hides under the covers.

B) Mary tries to run.

C) Mary reaches under her bed for the flashlight.

The next minute of this story will be published soon! Votes are tallied from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


It had never opened the door before. The scratches were nothing new, but it always stayed on the inside.

Mary held her breath. The numbers on the clock began to flicker. They winked at her chaotically. Then they were gone.

She listened. She strained to hear it, whatever it was, moving, breathing, plotting, anything. There was nothing.

In the pitch black darkness, Mary spied the flashlight she kept next to the clock for emergencies. Did she dare reach for it?

A footstep. Then another. Slowly approaching the foot of her bed. Mary lunged for the flashlight, ready to expose what had been haunting her for months. But in her panic she lost her grip. The flashlight bounced once on the plush carpet, then rolled beneath her bed.

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