Don't be afraid, Halloween baby. Say hello.


I accept a limited number of Audiobooks per quarter on a Royalty Share deal (author pays proofing costs @ $75 per finished hour). To submit your book for consideration, please follow the guidelines below. 

Email with the following information:

-A short summary of your book

-A link to your book's Amazon Page

-Word Count

-Character accents/dialects

-How many units have sold on Kindle


Royalty Share Audiobook submissions are accepted based on my production schedule and/or interest in the subject matter of the book. You will receive an email within 10 business days of your submission letting you know if your book was selected. I wish I could narrate all of your books, Halloween babies, so my sincerest apologies if it doesn't work out. I know you pour your heart and soul into your artwork and I take that very seriously.

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